A good swim story

When Steve Genter was 10 years old he dreamed that one day he would swim in the Olympics and receive a metal for his outstanding swimming in the 200 meter freestyle. Steve started practicing every day and he worked long hours and never missed a practice for the next 7 years. He worked hard and made a commitment to do his best each and every day.

Finally in 1972 the Olympic time trials happen and Steve finished first in the 200 meter freestyle event. He was the fastest qualifier in the event. Steve was reported to be the favorite of the U.S. to win the gold medal. While practicing one day two weeks before the final event his left lung collapsed. The Doctor told Steve that his dream was over and the pain would be too great to swim in the finals unless he took medication. The Olympic Committee ruled no medication regardless of the injury.

Steve Genter refused to give up and did not take any medicine. The day of the finals he went to the starting block and when the gun fired to start the race he swam the 200 freestyle. On the flip turn he felt the pain in his chest and blood poured out of his nose during the last 50 meters.

When Steve Genter touched the wall his time was 1:53:73.

Mark Spitz time was 1:52:78.

Mark Spitz went on and won 7 Gold medals and everyone called Mark Spitz a winner.

The real winner of this true story was Steve Genter. He received the Silver medal and stood next to Mark Spitz on the risers with his silver metal proudly around his neck.

If you like this true story about dreams and making a commitment then pass it on to someone you think would enjoy reading this.

1. Winners believe absolutely that they will achieve their goal

2. Winners are willing to make a sacrificial commitment to achieve their goal.

3. Winners train intensely.

4. Winners enjoy the journey.

5. Winners have a positive winning attitude that propels them in overcoming obstacles.

Shared with The PACE Group’s John Lovorn by my close friend James Threadgill. A great leader and friend.